dimanche 29 octobre 2017


It was our first time in Bali for Maxime, Hélène and I. We heard so much about this beautiful island in Indonesia, we were really excited to go there together. We stayed there two weeks, but now I'm back in Paris and I can tell you that 2 weeks is not enough to travel and see everything this island has to offer. If we had known we would have plan at least 3 weeks. But anyway, I think it's a good reason to go back there, I really fell in love for this little paradise, so I'll definitely be back.

I loved Bali for so many things: the Balinese culture - which you can find everywhere in the streets-, people always smiling, the trendy cities in the south (Seminyak, Canggu...) but also the wild side of Ubud, more typical, with more locals and the wonderful jungle of palm trees. My only regret is about the sea, it's really polluted, everywhere we went we could find plastics in the waves and it's a really big problem in Bali, that made me sad more than once. The ocean is really important to me, and I don't like when people don't respect it.



. Kamandalu Hotel - in collaboration
It's like a traditional village concept incorporating luxury accommodation within a natural landscape that features productive rice terraces. But what I loved the most about this hotel is the view of the jungle. We had a lovely villa in front of it and it was just breathtaking to wake up in the middle of the wild palm trees.

. Private villas in Ubud (Airbnb or Booking)
We stayed 3 days in a wonderful villa, it was so great to have our own place with 2 bedrooms and a pool. After a lot of research, I can tell you that using Airbnb and Booking to find some private villa is the best way to stay in Bali and also the cheapest! 
For example we stayed at the Alosta Luxury Private Villa for 3 nights for only 375€ (so we paid 42€ per night per person). Most of the Villa have employees, they can help you book some scooters/taxis/activities and the breakfast is always included.

📍JIMBARAN (south)

Ayana Resort - in collaboration
This resort is one of the most famous here in Bali, it's also one of the most expensive but when you discover the 12 pools, the wonderful beach and the famous Rock Bar where you can watch the most beautiful sunsets you understand why. This place is really insane and we wished we could have stayed more than one night to see and enjoy more of it. 


This part of the island is really hype, this is where you can find a lot of Australians, the best Açaï Bowl of the island and a lot of cute shops. We stayed every night there in Airbnb in some cute villas with pool. Honestly, there are too many offers with beautiful villas for a really cheap price, we had a lot of choices.
Where we stayed : Umah Joglo Villa and Yoma Villa


I think this is really important because as a tourist for the first time I really didn't know what to expect.
As you may know, Bali is well-known for having a lot of scooters, so renting a car here is a really bad idea, there is no parking spots anywhere, and the traffic is longer in cars because of the scooters everywhere.

I recommend renting a scooter, you can found scooters EVERYWHERE in Bali. First I wanted to look on google for the best place to rent a scooter but it was stupid, because in every corner of the streets you can find someone renting some scooters, and most of all in every Airbnb, Booking or Hotels we went, the person in charge can bring for you a scooter, it's really normal here.
We rented 3 different times and each time it was like between 3 to 6€  a day.

BUT as you may have seen on my Instagram story, driving a scooter in Bali can be quite dangerous, on our first day we had an accident on the road because of another tourist. There are no rules here, no speed limits and no signals. And to be honest after falling the first time I was pretty scared.

We found the best solutions: Uber ! 
Prices are so cheap, a 20min ride can cost 2€ only. And a one hour ride (usually between Ubud and the south) is like 8/9€. To give you an idea during two weeks we booked 20 uber for a total of 120€ (so 40€ for each of us as we were 3). So it's a pretty good deal!

BUT you guys have to know there is a big war between local taxis and uber drivers... Some drivers ask you to move for the pick up if you are close to some taxi spots because they are afraid to get hit! So be careful. Don't be shocked also when your driver will text you to negotiate the price, it happened to us many times. And don't hesitate to give tips, we always gave some because the price was so cheap.


Bali isn't known for having the best beaches, if you are looking for tropical beaches and crystal blue water then the main island in Bali isn't for you, you would rather go to Nusa Penida or Gili for that.
But there are quite nice beaches in Bali, you can also find a lot of beach bars where we loved to enjoy music and have a drink for the sunset.

📍Seminyak Beach 

📍Canggu Beach - The Lawn Canggu Club

📍Badung - Potato Head Beach Club


📍Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

Be really careful, those little monkeys steal everything they can from tourists haha, hide your glasses, phone and everything they can grab. Be careful if you give them food, they can start to fight with each other, get jealous if you hide the food. I know what I'm talking about : one of them bite my fingers till blood. But it was fun anyway to see the monkeys in a very wild jungle. They aren't kept in captivity because the sanctuary is open, it means they can leave if they want to, they all choose to stay because they are taking care of, they have a huge playground and also they are fed everyday.

📍Bali Swing

(If you haven't see my post on Instagram about this place) I know this place is kept secret, but I don't like the "hidding beautiful place" mood on instagram, so I give you the name : "Bali Swing Ubud" all the taxi/uber know the place.
But I want to be honest with you guys. The pictures are really beautiful, the view is amazing, but the company made it very touristy, we were a bit disappointed to see that what used to be two little wild swings in the palm trees became 5 swings and some of them are not even on trees, so many more tourists could do it. A lot of trees were also erased. 
And worst of all, all the advertising said it was 20$, even when you call them on the phone, but once you get there they asking you pay at least 35$ and change the price according to the customers. Money is not the problem to be honest, but we didn't appreciate the fact they tried to rip us off once we are there and they know we came all the way from the other side of Ubud so we didn't have a choice - and many people complained about it too. 
I tell you all of this because I don't want you guys to be disappointed like us. We expected wild swing in the jungle, and it was all about tourists and money.

📍Campuhan Ridge Walk

📍Tegalalang Rice Teracce

The Rice Terraces in Ubud is famous for its beautiful scenes, it's was my favorite thing to do in Ubud. Don't stay in the most touristy part, walk as much as you can, we actually get lost in the terrace, and this is how we found the best views, we met some local farmers and talk to them. The view is so breathtaking, you feel like you really are in another world..


We didn't have enough time to discover properly the North of Bali (I know what a shame) so we decided to go there anyway but just for one day. As it is really far from all the most touristy places in the South, we knew that taking Uber was a bad idea. So we booked a driver for the day. It was a really nice local, he stayed with us all day from 8:00am to 6:00pm and he drove us everywhere we wanted for the day. This cost us around 50€ + the tips, so for 10 hours for 3 people it's a pretty very good deal !
You can ask your hotel, Airbnb or booking for having a driver, they always have contacts for you.

📍Handara Gates

📍Sekumpul Waterfalls

I fell on this hike, it was so painful I faint in the middle of nowhere... I've got to be honest I pretty scared everyone haha. I'm laughing right now on my couch in Paris while I'm writing this, but god we didn't laugh when it happens. So please please be really careful if you do this waterfall.
It took us 45mins to go down (we didn't know the way and we didn't want to pay someone to show us) and like one hour to go back up.
You can pay a guide, he will show you the way. But if you don't pay one they will not give you the direction, you will have to find by yourself (that's what we did). However some locals (the non-guides) helped us when we asked the direction.

📍Pura Ulun Danu Bratan


📍SEMINYAK - Kynd Community

📍SEMINYAK - Café Organic

📍SEMINYAK - Mad Pops

📍UBUD - Watercress

📍UBUD - Madu Manis Kitchen at Komaneka Rasa Sayang 

mercredi 11 octobre 2017


Just wanted to share with you some more pictures of Greece during my trip with DiscoverGreece in Milos a few days ago. We really enjoyed our time in this little paradise. I can't wait for next summer as I'm planning to go to Greece again to discover a few more islands like the famous Santorin, Ios and Paros. Do you guys have any recommandations for me ?

lundi 9 octobre 2017


I couldn't really believed it when I received an invitation to spend the week-end at the hotel Le Majestic in Cannes. This hotel is really famous in the French Riviera and I've seen so many beautiful pictures from this place in the past (especially during Le Festival de Cannes of course). So I was really happy to visit this place with Maxime for a perfect week-end.

We had a lovely suit on the 7th floor with a view of the ocean, it was so lovely to wake-up and watch the sea. The weather was so great I was able to wear my bikini on the beach !

Le Majestic surely know how to receive his guests, we ate at the 3 different restaurants in the hotel :
. The famous Le Fouquet's is not only the most famous restaurant in the French Riviera, it's also the most famous restaurant in France with his brother in Paris. 
La Petite Maison de Nicole was so good, I feel like I ate for 12 people during just one evening, I had the best burrata I've ever eat in my life. We danced and enjoy all night with the other guests of the week-end, it was so fun !
. We had brunch the last day at La Plage Barrière, which is a restaurant on the private beach of the hotel. It was the perfect way to end this wonderfull week-end to eat so many good things in front of the sea.

The last evening we were so lucky to watch the most amazing sunset I've seen so far in my own country, I almost felt like I was back in California in my lovely city of Los Angeles, with all these tall palm trees and a sky on fire. This exact moment made me fall in love with Cannes, I wasn't born and raised in Paris, but my capital where I live now is my dream-city, but now I can tell you Cannes is almost at the same place in my heart. I will be back for sure at Le Majestic, this place is so unreal.

Thank you so much to Barrière and to Le Majestic for having us, 
for making us dream during the whole week-end.

mercredi 4 octobre 2017



 📍Firiplaka Beach                                                            📍Plaka

📍Plaka streets

📍Sarakiniko Beach                                                              📍Plaka

📍Tsigrado Beach

📍Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

📍Plaka streets

📍Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

📍Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

📍Tsigrado Beach

📍Tsigrado Beach

📍Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

📍Firiplaka Beach

📍Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

📍Plaka streets

📍Firiplaka Beach

This trip to Milos was my very first time in Greece, and now I'm back in Paris all I want is take my camera and go back to Greece for a month to explore all the other places this amazing country has to offer.

I was invited by Discover Greece with my friend Hélène from Girlborntotravel to explore Milos for 3 days. Milos is a lovely volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea in the Cyclades group.


We traveled with Aegean Airlines and took two flights from Paris to Athens and then Athens to Milos. The airline is in 9 French cities from France to 5 Greek destinations.
The way back home we used an other solution which is a boat and a flight. The speed boat was operated by Seajets.

In Milos you definitely need a car if you want to explore the island ! We rented a car at the Airport with Milos Rent Car


We stayed at the Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel in the city of Pollonia. The hotel is wonderful,  especially the undisturbed views of the sea while looking down onto the overflow pool, this place was insane for sunset. It's an idyllic summer haven, the architecture is really typical to Greece and that's what I was looking for. We had a really lovely room and we were able to enjoy one morning the honeymoon suit with the private jacuzzi. It was just like a dream.

📍Sarakiniko BeachThis beach only made of white rocks are the most famous thing to do in Milos, so of course when we arrived it was the first thing I wanted to see. It’s as beautiful as I thought it would be. All these white rocks that end in the sea and crash into the waves are really wonderfull. The weather wasn’t with us unfortunatey but we really enjoyed it anyway.

I haven't see all the cities of Milos, but from what I've seen, Plaka is the most beautiful city according to me ! This is where we found all these little cute streets in with and blue with pink flours.
It's also where I stoped for every cat in the city haha, it drives Helene crazy ! We finally decided to buy cat-food to give to them everywhere we could.


📍Firiplaka Beach Firiplaka is a really long beach with a clear water, it was easy to access and we played in the water with the GoPro for a long time, even if it was cold outside !

📍Tsigrado Beach Tsigrado is the opposite of Firiplaka, this beach is really small, it's like a secret place and most of all it's really hard to access, you have to climb a dangerous place, but we tried anyway and succeed ! It was worth the risk, because the beach was really amazing. A lot of rocks and a wonderful deep blue water.

📍Milos Breeze
We were really tired on our last day, so we decided to stay at the hotel and enjoy the wonderful place of Milos Breeze. We went to the honeymoon suits and we enjoyed the infinity pool for hours.

For our last evening, we went to Plaka again and we walk to the church up in the city. We watched the sunset from the roof of this church, the view was breathless and it was my favorite sunset in Milos so far.


Armenaki 📍 Pollonia
A wonderful fish tavern.

Gialos 📍 Pollonia
Dishes that match traditional recipes with modern cuisine.

Bariello 📍 Trypity
Mediterranean cuisine.

Navagio 📍 Adams
Mediterranean cuisine.

Pictures with and by Hélène @girlborntotravel
Thank you again very much to Discover Greece for having us.