lundi 9 octobre 2017


I couldn't really believed it when I received an invitation to spend the week-end at the hotel Le Majestic in Cannes. This hotel is really famous in the French Riviera and I've seen so many beautiful pictures from this place in the past (especially during Le Festival de Cannes of course). So I was really happy to visit this place with Maxime for a perfect week-end.

We had a lovely suit on the 7th floor with a view of the ocean, it was so lovely to wake-up and watch the sea. The weather was so great I was able to wear my bikini on the beach !

Le Majestic surely know how to receive his guests, we ate at the 3 different restaurants in the hotel :
. The famous Le Fouquet's is not only the most famous restaurant in the French Riviera, it's also the most famous restaurant in France with his brother in Paris. 
La Petite Maison de Nicole was so good, I feel like I ate for 12 people during just one evening, I had the best burrata I've ever eat in my life. We danced and enjoy all night with the other guests of the week-end, it was so fun !
. We had brunch the last day at La Plage Barrière, which is a restaurant on the private beach of the hotel. It was the perfect way to end this wonderfull week-end to eat so many good things in front of the sea.

The last evening we were so lucky to watch the most amazing sunset I've seen so far in my own country, I almost felt like I was back in California in my lovely city of Los Angeles, with all these tall palm trees and a sky on fire. This exact moment made me fall in love with Cannes, I wasn't born and raised in Paris, but my capital where I live now is my dream-city, but now I can tell you Cannes is almost at the same place in my heart. I will be back for sure at Le Majestic, this place is so unreal.

Thank you so much to Barrière and to Le Majestic for having us, 
for making us dream during the whole week-end.

mercredi 4 octobre 2017



 📍Firiplaka Beach                                                            📍Plaka

📍Plaka streets

📍Sarakiniko Beach                                                              📍Plaka

📍Tsigrado Beach

📍Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

📍Plaka streets

📍Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

📍Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

📍Tsigrado Beach

📍Tsigrado Beach

📍Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

📍Firiplaka Beach

📍Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel

📍Plaka streets

📍Firiplaka Beach

This trip to Milos was my very first time in Greece, and now I'm back in Paris all I want is take my camera and go back to Greece for a month to explore all the other places this amazing country has to offer.

I was invited by Discover Greece with my friend Hélène from Girlborntotravel to explore Milos for 3 days. Milos is a lovely volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea in the Cyclades group.


We traveled with Aegean Airlines and took two flights from Paris to Athens and then Athens to Milos. The airline is in 9 French cities from France to 5 Greek destinations.
The way back home we used an other solution which is a boat and a flight. The speed boat was operated by Seajets.

In Milos you definitely need a car if you want to explore the island ! We rented a car at the Airport with Milos Rent Car


We stayed at the Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel in the city of Pollonia. The hotel is wonderful,  especially the undisturbed views of the sea while looking down onto the overflow pool, this place was insane for sunset. It's an idyllic summer haven, the architecture is really typical to Greece and that's what I was looking for. We had a really lovely room and we were able to enjoy one morning the honeymoon suit with the private jacuzzi. It was just like a dream.

📍Sarakiniko BeachThis beach only made of white rocks are the most famous thing to do in Milos, so of course when we arrived it was the first thing I wanted to see. It’s as beautiful as I thought it would be. All these white rocks that end in the sea and crash into the waves are really wonderfull. The weather wasn’t with us unfortunatey but we really enjoyed it anyway.

I haven't see all the cities of Milos, but from what I've seen, Plaka is the most beautiful city according to me ! This is where we found all these little cute streets in with and blue with pink flours.
It's also where I stoped for every cat in the city haha, it drives Helene crazy ! We finally decided to buy cat-food to give to them everywhere we could.


📍Firiplaka Beach Firiplaka is a really long beach with a clear water, it was easy to access and we played in the water with the GoPro for a long time, even if it was cold outside !

📍Tsigrado Beach Tsigrado is the opposite of Firiplaka, this beach is really small, it's like a secret place and most of all it's really hard to access, you have to climb a dangerous place, but we tried anyway and succeed ! It was worth the risk, because the beach was really amazing. A lot of rocks and a wonderful deep blue water.

📍Milos Breeze
We were really tired on our last day, so we decided to stay at the hotel and enjoy the wonderful place of Milos Breeze. We went to the honeymoon suits and we enjoyed the infinity pool for hours.

For our last evening, we went to Plaka again and we walk to the church up in the city. We watched the sunset from the roof of this church, the view was breathless and it was my favorite sunset in Milos so far.


Armenaki 📍 Pollonia
A wonderful fish tavern.

Gialos 📍 Pollonia
Dishes that match traditional recipes with modern cuisine.

Bariello 📍 Trypity
Mediterranean cuisine.

Navagio 📍 Adams
Mediterranean cuisine.

Pictures with and by Hélène @girlborntotravel
Thank you again very much to Discover Greece for having us.

vendredi 15 septembre 2017


Black body from Pomm'Poire

We finished our stay in Sardinia at the Forte Village Resort in the south of the island, it was the end of our road trip and we couldn't wished for a better place to rest. The resort has 9 different hotels and many villas, we stayed two nights at Le Dune, in a lovely little house with a garden. This hotel is the closest to the beach so it was perfect to enjoy the sunset and the sunrise by the sea during the week-end.

The Forte Village resort is more like a small city where you can find everything you need : an endless beach, many different pools, 8 restaurants, a few bars, a wonderful thalasso and spa to relax and take care of yourself, a complete range of sports activities and not just football, golf, basketball and tennis, you can also take part in our Zumba, Total Body Workout and Aquagym classes. There is also a place for shopping and everything for a night life with shows, discotheques and bars. It doesn't concerned us, but there is also so many things to do for children, it's the perfect place to rest in family.

The resort and our hotel really welcomed Hélène and I like princess and we really felt like home here for two days. We can't wait to come back to Sardinia one day just for the pleasure to come back in this lovely paradise.

The black body suit I'm wearing in few pictures comes from Pomm'Poire

Pictures by @girlsborntotravel
In collaboration with Pomm'Poire

mercredi 6 septembre 2017


I came back from Sardinia a week ago, but I'm still not over this beautiful island. We came here with Hélène without knowing what to expect of this trip, we booked our last minute flights and we really had no idea what we will do or see. We just rent a car and we traveled from north to south,we stopped in a few cities depending on our last minute airbnb reservations. Sardinia was really magical and we loved  discovering unexpected places days after days.

lundi 21 août 2017


La chose que je porte le plus souvent dans la vie, autre que mes maillots de bain quand je suis à la plage, ce sont des jeans ! Il est rare que vous puissiez me croiser dans Paris sans en porter un.
Alors quand Marks & Spencer m'ont proposé de collaborer sur ce thème j'ai tout de suite accepté avec grand plaisir. J'ai déjà porté des jeans M&S dans le passé et je trouve vraiment qu'ils sont de bonne qualité. J'aime aussi le fait que sur le site internet on puisse choisir la longueur des jambes (short, regular ou long), car bien souvent quand je commande sur internet malheureusement deux fois sur trois le jean m'arrive aux chevilles à cause de mon mètre 75 !

J'ai pu choisir deux jeans sur leur site, et j'ai voulu prendre des jeans assez différents pour vous proposer deux tenues que j'adorerais porter dans ma jolie capitale cet été.
Le premier jean, très skinny, d'un joli bleu, épouse parfaitement les formes sans serrer trop la taille, je me sens très à l'aise à l'intérieur. Pour le deuxième jean j'ai osé le blanc qui n'est pas toujours facile à porter, j'ai toujours peur que les jeans de cette couleur soient transparents, mais ça n'est pas le cas de celui-ci. J'ai choisi une coupe straight cette fois et je le porte légèrement retroussé sur les chevilles pour mettre en avant les baskets.

Post in collaboration with Marks and Spencer via ShoppingLinks